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videographer frankfort

videographer frankfort The Best Visual Quality

The Sterling Group's production department, the best videographer frankfort, uses the finest, most cost effective methods to capture your video, using state of the art equipment with experienced technicians. The Sterling Group is prepared for full service videographer. Our studios are equipped with the latest in post production solutions, featuring Final Cut Pro and Avid.

The Best Visual Quality

Visual quality is a major component in the development of our customer’s productions. The Sterling Group exploits cutting-edge video technology and state-of-the-art editing equipment to ensure this goal is achieved. We guarantee your company's finished product will have the professional look and feel it deserves.

TSG meets the needs of a wide variety of clients, including small, medium, and large businesses. In most cases The Sterling Group has become a core part of their marketing strategy. A corporate videographer can be an excellent way to impress clients, dazzle business partners, train staff, and educate stockholders.

When it comes to video, like all other aspects of our company, the Sterling Group uses the latest technology and equipment to give you the professional look your company deserves.



The Sterling Group also offers off-site, on location Audio or Video recording for any size event. As always, Sterling’s staff of AV professionals will handle your production with exceptional technical care and professionalism, delivering the finest product possible.

• Single or multiple cameras
• Video or audio productions
• Concerts, meetings or business events



Need a place to work on your own projects?
The Sterling Group’s HD equipped Final Cut Pro and Avid studios are available for hourly and daily rental.

• Three studios dedicated to audio / video
• Film your project in 1080i High Definition with
  our HDV Cameras
• Editing facilities feature Final Cut Pro, Avid and
  Sony Vegas
• Bluescreen equipped

Joe Paciorek
Dry Hair Cutting Techniques
Length: 1:13

Category: Training Video
:30 Commercial Spot
Length: 0:30

Category: Commercial Spot
Silver Sun
CreteClean Product Overview
Length: 1:33

Category: Sales Training Video
Live Video Productions
School Demo - Live Multicam
Length: 1:45

Category: Live Performance
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